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Building an Inclusive Church

SoCalLutherans is committed to furthering inclusive conversations within our Lutheran denominations.  But change doesn't happen over-night, it usually takes time. In Christian churches, many LGBTQ individuals and families have met resistance, fear, and rejection at the prospect of becoming members.  This led to visionary inclusive movements such as the Metropolitan Community Church in the 1970s.  


Today, our Lutheran denominations are catching up.  In 2009, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America adopted a new statement on human sexuality, which makes space for LGBTQ individuals and families, and led to the adoption of new rules allowing openly LGBTQ clergy to serve in the church whether they are married, partnered, or single. This was a momentus occasion for our denomination and the result of almost 20 years of grassroots organizing on the part of organizations like Reconciling Works.  


Our work is not finished, there are still churches, Lutheran and otherwise, who have not yet experienced the blessing of inclusion and affirmation for LGBTQ folks. Our Building an Inclusive Church program is a two or three day retreat full of presentations, model conversations, faith-based organizing skills, and general LGBTQ awareness resource information.  If you would like to attend a Building an Inclusive Church training or if your church would be interested in hosting a training, please let us know.


Reconciling in Christ Program of Reconciling Works


Building an Inclusive Church Training



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