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LGBT or LGBTQIA – What does it MEAN????


L = lesbian Women who are attracted to women


G = gay Men who are attracted to men. Please note this is NOT men attracted to children. Pedophilia is NOT the same as homosexuality, in fact, most pedophiles are heterosexual.


B = bisexual - A person who can be attracted to either the same sex or the opposite sex…but not at the same time. Bisexuals often live in committed monogamous relationships with a member of the opposite sex or a member of the same sex but are not defined by promiscuity.


T = transgender - A person who wants to define themself in the opposite gender to which they were born. Transgendered people express their gender in a variety of ways, from cross-dressing to hormone treatments to gender reassignment surgery.


...and now we add:


Q = queer or questioning – both terms have been used here – queer is mostly used by the younger generation for gender fluidity; that is, sexuality is not experienced in the binary ”straight or gay” manner, but is dynamic and changing. Questioning means a person who is questioning their sexual orientation.


I = intersex or inquiring - Intersex is a person born with genitalia of both genders or genitalia which is not definable as male or female. Most of these babies have “corrective” surgery in infancy, based on a choice made by parents and doctors. This is particularly difficult for a person whose parents may have chosen one gender for them, but their brain thinks it is the opposite gender. Inquiring is the same as questioning.


A = straight ally - A straight person who wishes to promote LGBT rights. They have been added to this acronym because in some communities straight allies have also been under attack or oppression. Welcome straight allies, and thank you!

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