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Welcoming Resources

Here are some additional useful links:


Whosoever: A well-written online magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Christians


Insititute for Welcoming Resources: Referenced throughout this site, this site provides multiple resources for churches who wish to be welcoming.


LGBT Religious Archives Network: An innovative project for the study of our religious movement, this network contains the history of religious leaders in the LGBT movement since the beginning. Includes biographical profiles, oral histories and online exhibitions.


Soulforce: Founded by Rev. Dr. Mel White, this great organization espouses freedom for lesbian/gay, bisexual and transgender people from religious and politicial oppression through the practice of relentless nonviolent resistance. Soulforce has stood with the movement in the Lutheran church for many years.


California Faith for Equality: Educating, supporting and organizing faith communities to promote marriage equality for LGBT people and to safeguard religious freedom.


Indwelling Spirit: A blog by one of our local Lutheran gay pastors, Dan Hooper. Connects to other useful resources.


Out Clergy L.A.: Website of the Interfaith Gay and Lesbian Clergy Association of Greater Los Angeles.


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